Online and Digital Communications

As well as exploiting traditional communications methods, we will also take advantage of online tools to secure your digital presence and communicate your message to a wider audience.

Positif will integrate social media tools into your communications strategy so that Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and other sites work for you. . Positif can help you think about how your daily tweets can be part of your PR plan, how your Facebook friends can spread the word by talking about your latest event or seminar and why blogging can be brill. All of this activity can help you communicate quickly with people and build an ever expanding network of interested parties.

And, rest assured, we’ll take care that your message is the right message just as we would with any other communication methods. Distilling your key message into 140 characters doesn’t mean the message gets diluted. For us it means that we can get straight to the crux of what you want to say.

For those who want to be a bit more chatty, then a blog might be better for you. Blogging is informal just like Twitter and Facebook but with the benefit of giving you more time and space to build a dialogue with your followers.

Digitally speaking, communications is becoming quicker and bigger. YouTube is making it ever easier to upload short clips taken from your mobile phone and Flickr is doing the same with pictures from cameras. We can guide you on how to make an impact and make the most of your digital skills on sites such as these as well as your own website.